Property & Casualty (P&C) Cross

Slide -Create hot leads for Agents
-Pre-identify which P&C insured populations are good candidates  for Life products
-Increase cross sales for Agents
-Increase placement rate with healthier initial applicants
-Increase customer touch points, healthier, happier customers
-Product differentiation
Helping Agents increase life cross sales to hot lead, healthier applicants.

Problem: For carriers that offer both P&C and Life products, there is usually a very small cross sell, often 10% or less. how to convert the remaining P&C insured to buy Life products from the carrier?

Placement rates can be increased with a higher volume of healthier applicants.

Solution: LVLFi collects insured step data, the best proxy for mortality, via a platform of apps and mobile games that can filter the best candidates for life insurance sales. These existing Farm Bureau P&C insured can then be recommended to an agent for additional Life product purchases, based on step data (proxy for health) and shown interest in purchasing: More hot, healthy leads for agents.
Growth & Profitability

Slide LVLFi Hub app gathers user activity data, determines who is a good candidate for high percentage placement rate for Life. User is checked against database for Life policy. If user shows interest in purchasing,           routed to an agent. Innovative solution of how to cross sell more life insurance to existing P&C insured and increase the placement rate P&C Insured are sent a link to download LVLFi app with incentives to do so.
How does it work? If none, offered a competitive rate.