Obesity not defined by weight, says new Canada guideline

Obesity should be defined by a person’s health – not just their weight, says a new Canadian clinical guideline.

“The dominant cultural narrative regarding obesity fuels assumptions about personal irresponsibility and lack of willpower and casts blame and shame upon people living with obesity,” the guideline, which is intended to be used by primary care physicians in diagnosing and treating obesity in their daily practice, states.

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Insurers: The Elephants Are Coming

Large insurers are starting to look a little like Ancient Rome. They are too prepared to compete on their historical strengths, from a front-on, conventional land grab by the tech companies. However, Tech, both existing big brands, and the rising cadre of new insurtech players laser focused on creating an all-round better product & experience (Lemonade, Hippo gaining the confidence of the markets this week to do just this) are the Hannibals of the insurance world, ready to take on the incumbent insurers with new, unseen tactics. 

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What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Exercise?

Did you know the best time to work out is in the late morning, as your levels of testosterone are high, this hormone helps you to build muscle.

Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth. Excellent for getting you strong and fit. Because of your increased testosterone, your body can also handle stress better in the morning. Another pro for the workout.

Also, in the morning, you’re at your tallest with your joints at their best, and you should be at your freshest. You’ve woken up from a rejuvenating sleep. You’re on your way to being energized and incredibly alert. 

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