Rise in diabetes ‘to cause surge in heart disease and strokes’

Heart attacks and strokes in England are set to surge in the next 20 years as diabetes cases linked to lifestyle increase, a charity has warned.

The number of diabetics is projected to rise by one million by 2035, largely driven by more cases of type 2 diabetes and increasing rates of obesity.

This could lead to a 29% rise in heart attacks and strokes linked to diabetes, the British Heart Foundation said.

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Short bursts of intense exercise ‘as good’ as endurance training

Researchers have found that short bursts of intense exercise produce similar results to traditional longer-duration workouts.

Researchers compared two types of exercise programme over a 12-week period with a control. The two programmes were:

-a 10-minute “intense” workout, three times a week (referred to as Sprint Interval Training)

-a 50-minute moderate intensity workout, once a week

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Rise in type 2 diabetes in young people in England and Wales

The number of children and young people being treated for type 2 diabetes in England and Wales has gone up from 507 to 715 in four years, new figures show.

More than three-quarters were also obese, according to the NHS data.

Child health experts said the rise was “alarming” and the childhood obesity epidemic was “starting to bite”.

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