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LVLFi offers a platform of apps and games that encourage and reward users to both take more steps and engage more with our client partner. Offering games and prizes is a better way to increase user engagement and activity.



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LVLFi offers 3 unique benefits to it’s clients

Better Customer Engagement

Your insured population are busy and don’t want to spend time on insurance websites or reading insurance emails unless forced. By offering prizes and rewards for doing so, you change the nature of your brand relationship and the paradigm shifts: Now your insured are actively opening your app, seeing your brand daily and increasing loyalty while lowering churn rates.

Better Customer Wellness

By gamifying exercise and making it more rewarding to the insured, we encourage users to take more steps. By taking more steps, they lower their risk for chronic disease (Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease), which in turn lowers claims rates and therefore costs to you as a Health or Life Insurer.

Cross Sell

Offering our app for free to 3rd party populations (via banks, P&C insured), allows users to win prizes and rewards increasing brand loyalty. Our app gathers user step data, which is a good proxy for health (correlation of more steps = better health). By filtering populations based on step count, we can offer candidates who will have a high placement rate for life products = hot, healthy leads to offer low rate life insurance to.

Behavioural Economics & Gamification

LVLFi uses behavioural economics to help gamify customer engagement and customer wellness for insurers and businesses.

Client Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Our corporation ran a trial with LVLFi for eight (8) months of their employee wellness program. More than half of our business unit downloaded and participated in the program and we were happy to see positive results, both with our employee engagement and that they achieved a significant increase in average steps per user by participating in the wellness plan. LVLFi’s product developed well while we ran the trial and we look forward to see the future versions.

LVLFi engagement and encouragement to an active and healthy lifestyle

R. Friedrichs

Vice President of Finance - Centene Corporation

It has been my pleasure to work with you and your team on this amazing mobile application. LVLFI has encouraged others and me here at PSHP to get active.

LVLFi is helping people to get ACTIVE

M. Nicholas

Medical Management Operations - Peach State Health Plan

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