LVLFi is designing a platform games offering different types of games to be inclusive for all. Whether you like puzzle games, RPGs, Golf, racing or shooting, LVLFi is creating games for all different ages and abilities.

Gamification is a proven method for increased user engagement, and we base our games around the science of Gamificaiton of Exercise that encourages users to take more steps and lead healthier lifestyles.

Mobile gaming had $41 bn in revenue in 2016. Short bursts of high-intensity exercise improved cardiometabolic health in overweight individuals.*

Long Term objectives/missions keep the user engaged in the game and deliver more significant heath benefits.


Fist of Arkan is a fun, engaging Role Playing Game with a Real Time Strategy interface. Designed for daily interaction, Fist of Arkan is a long play game that encourages the user to play for a prolonged period of time (over 1 year) to complete the game and ‘max’ their character. This gives the user a continuing sense of accomplishment in the game, and keeps them engaged so that they are more energised to exercise for in game and external rewards.

Fist of Arkan is set in mystical ancient Asian world. The king has been murdered and his only daughter and rightful heir has been kidnapped. The kingdom has fallen into factional fighting between the leading contenders to replace the King. The player’s hero is tasked with helping the true heirs to take control of the kingdom and discover the murderer of the late King.

Players need to both build their town, collect resources and fight off other players and invading monsters to grow in strength and power, while uncovering the story line. Guilds will be a strong part of the game, with players actively encouraged to work in teams to complete larger tasks and fight bigger bosses, further encouraging play.

Welcome to the world of Calorie Crush! The evil King Kalorie and Kween Karb have sent their top henchman, Kolonel Kravings, to kidnap Professor Protein, who was in the process of developing fat-free bacon!

Calorie Crush is an addictive match-3 type game that appeals to all who like playing puzzle games with their friends. Just as with LVLFi’s other games, Calorie Crush incorporates steps and Fit Points into the game to continue to progress through the levels and save Salad City!